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F A Q s

All you need to know to get ready for class


What should I wear to class?

💃🏻 For Pole:
- Wear short sleeved top and sporty shorts as we need skin grip from thighs, calves, elbows and forearms.
- Bring your favourite pole wear if you have any!
- You may want to wear knee pads or (knee-high) socks when practicing floor work.

🧚🏻‍♀️ For Aerial:
- Wear short sleeved top with armpit and waist coverage
- Wear yoga pants or leggings for bottom
- Bring elbow guard when necessary


I have never tried any Pole or Aerial classes before, can you recommend classes that match my level?

Sure! EveryBODY is welcome to my class, whether they are newbies or steady learners. Variations and adjustment will be given to match your skills and ability.

If you want to learn from the basics, TECH class would be recommended. Check out details by tapping the dash below.


I’m not used to spinning and often find it dizzy. Can I handle the class?

Don’t worry! You will be encouraged to start on static mode (without spinning) to get familiar with the moves and transitions before going for a complete flow on spin.

You will learn in my class the techniques to start and control your spin, with exercises to develop core stability.

Make sure you don't go to class with an empty stomach. Eat at least an hour before class and avoid drinking too much fluid.


I don't workout or stretch much / My body is not flexible / I'm too weak / too big / I can't even walk on heels, are your classes still for me?

Of course! And this is why I’m here to help you on exploring the many possibilities with your own body. EveryBODY has potentials that are way beyond assumption regardless of shapes and conditions. Have faith in your body and in me 😉

Also it is not a must to wear heels in pole classes. There are many different styles of pole dancing. Come find out more in my class!


Do you offer private classes for small groups?

Yes! You’re welcome to form your own class with your preferred schedule and locations. Find out more on the page "Private Class" by tapping the dash below.

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